Wood CNC Engraving Machine Exported to Indonesia

//Wood CNC Engraving Machine Exported to Indonesia

Wood CNC Engraving Machine Exported to Indonesia

SUPERSTAR brand multi-head relief Wood CNC Engraving Machine CX-1530 is widely used for hard materials like solid wood, especially for SWB (strand woven bamboo) engraving or carving. This high performance wood CNC engraving machine specially designed and engineered by JINSHENGXING machinery is the all-round CNC router with multifunctions and extraordinary value. Our CNC engraving machine is fabricated with world-class components which features consistent high performance. The wood CNC engraving machine has a vacuum table using high quality (1.3-1.45g/cm) metal material with great suction strength that can comfortably accommodate all sizes of work piece. The wood CNC engraving machine has fast cutting speed over 18m/min, its low vibration and smooth motion ensure higher work piece quality. Normally the wood CNC engraving machine is applied for furniture industry for processing cabinet door, wooden door, solid wood furniture, panel wood furniture etc. The  wood engraving machine can be also used for such wooden products as stereo box, computer desk, musical instruments, etc.

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Specifications of Wood CNC Engraving Machine CX1530

Items Specification
Working Size Working Size 3000*1500*280mm
Transmission X/Y Rack and Pinion;Z Ball Screw
Table Structure T-Slot Vacuum
Driving System Servo

Mr. S comes from Indonesia who is professional for the outdoor building construction using SWB. He sent us an enquiry for wood CNC engraving machine. He came to our CNC router factory with his engineer on August 26th, 2018. They asked for the functions about our wood CNC engraving machine and confirmed the configuration details, then we tested this wood CNC engraving machine together and arrange the loading after we confirm the order.

About JINSHENGXING Machinery

JINSHENGXING Machinery is the leading CNC Router designer, manufacturer and exporter since 2003.  We have over 400 professional staffs and over 60,000 square meters factory. Our high quality innovative products include ATC CNC routers, CNC wood door engraving machines and wood carving amchine, etc. OEM and ODM are available. Our annual CNC machine output is over 12,000 sets, which had been exported to over 136 countries. If you have any questions or inquiries, please fill in and submit the following form, we will reply as soon as possible.

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