1325 Automatic tool change engraving machine exported to Uzbekistan

The 1325 automatic tool-changing engraving machine is designed and manufactured by Jinan SuperStar Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Our automatic tool-changing engraving machine X, Y, Z axis is equipped with the famous Japanese YASKAWA servo motor, original servo drive, Taiwan HIWIN linear bearing guide, 6KW Air-cooled spindle and Taiwan's new generation system. This kind of automatic tool changer engraving machine is widely used in the furniture industry. The automatic tool-changing engraving machine has the characteristics of unique and novel design, compact structure, high precision and high speed. Smooth operation and longer service life. The design software can use Alpha Card, CAD and CAM design software. The automatic tool-changing engraving machine has vacuum adsorption system, dust collector and other material processing. The vacuum adsorption system can suck sawdust and debris during processing, keeping the table clean and indirect protection of the equipment.

1325 Automatic tool change engraving machine exported to Uzbekistan

Specification of 1325 automatic tool change engraving machine

Work area1300*2500mm
Spindle6KW Water cooling spindle
RailsTaiwan Square rail
MotorYaskawa stepper motor and drive
Table TypeVacuum adsorption/T-slot work table
Control systemTaiwan LNC/SYNTEC
Pack dimension3100*1800*1800mm

Our client Mr. Kevin is from Sydney would like to make wood furniture at his local place. We met at last year's China exhibition.He is very interested in the design and function of our 1325 automatic tool change engraving machine. It can be used for many wooden doors and cabinets. According to his request, we signed the contract. After 15 days, the machine is ready for delivery. Kevin was very careful and came to visit his automatic tool changer again. And learned how to operate it. As he said, this is a very good machine. Now, the condition of the automatic tool changing engraving machine is very good.

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