ATC CNC engraving machine exported to Australia

The ATC CNC engraving machine designed and manufactured by Jinan Jinshengxing Company is widely used in architectural decoration, woodworking furniture, metal models and other fields.

The ATC CNC engraving machine is equipped with a pure servo motor and driver from Yaskawa, Japan, and a Taiwan Baoyuan/new generation control system. Various brand components have the characteristics of high precision, high speed, smooth operation and long service life. The sale of this ATC CNC engraving machine is widely used in the furniture industry. This ATC CNC engraving machine has the characteristics of unique design and compact structure. This A TC CNC engraving machine can use Alphacam, Artcam, Castmate and other CAD/CAM design software according to your requirement. ATC CNC engraving machine has vacuum system, dust collector, vacuum absorption density board, etc. The vacuum system can suck sawdust and debris in the processing process to protect the cleanliness of the table and the indirect maintenance of the equipment.

ATC CNC engraving machine exported to Australia

Specification of ATC CNC engraving machine

WORKING AREA(X*Y*Z)1300mmx2500mm*200mm
Bed size1300mmx2500mm
Max working speed30m/min
Repeat position0.05mm
Countertop structureVacuum adsorption table
Command codeG code
XYZ Axis structureScrew rail
Input Power12KW
PowerAC380V / 50Hz
SpindleHQD 9KW air cooling
Spindle rotation speed18000rpm / min
Drive motorJapan Yaskawa servo motor
Operating systemTaiwan SYNTEC
Vacuum dust collector power3KW Dust collector
Vacuum pump power7.5KW
Tools holder12 Tools

Our client is from Australia and wants to make wooden furniture and other furniture. He visited our Shanghai Industrial Exhibition. We showed him how to run the operation of the wood router machine. After introducing the functions of the ATC CNC engraving machine, he plans to go to our factory to learn how to use the CNC engraving machine. After the exhibition, we drove him back to the ATC CNC engraving machine factory. He was interested in our ATC CNC engraving machine and decided to buy our ATC CNC engraving machine. We also need to invite his engineers to learn how to operate.

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