Analysis Of The Fibre Laser Cutting Machine Market And Future Trends

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Analysis Of The Fibre Laser Cutting Machine Market And Future Trends

Sep. 10, 2021

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


In recent years, China has been prominent in the global fibre laser cutting machine industry due to its technological position in the field of fibre laser cutting machines, with its production share in the market climbing year on year.



The Market Needs More Advanced Fibre Laser Cutting Machines


According to overseas market researchers, the global fibre laser cutting machine market will grow at a CAGR of approximately 7-8% over the next few years to reach US$2.35 billion by 2024. Demand for fibre laser cutting machines will grow in North America and Europe, driving the need for more advanced fibre laser cutting machines.



More Applications


There is no doubt that the fibre laser cutting machine industry is undergoing a new round of transformation and upgrading to give the industry more momentum in the future. Higher levels of intelligence, automation and digital technology make fiber laser cutting equipment in the new infrastructure, rail transportation, shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive, engineering machinery, medical equipment, kitchen and bathroom hardware, lighting industry, sheet metal processing and many other fields will usher in more use. To achieve industry upgrading and high-end substitution continue to make efforts. For high quality, high precision, high efficiency and high flexibility of processing and manufacturing escort.



Scale Of Development


From 2019 onwards, the price-performance ratio of 10,000 Watt-class fibre lasers begins to break through the dominance of plasma and flame processing in thick plate and other metal processing areas. The accelerated replacement of traditional contact and low-precision metal processing means has been opened up. In the last two years, fibre lasers have continued to move towards higher power in the metal cutting sector, gradually replacing traditional cutting solutions in terms of cutting thickness and speed, as well as environmental protection and safety.


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