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Precautions in using fiber laser cutting machine

Apr. 13, 2021

Recently, fiber laser cutting machine equipment manufacturing industry develop fast. In the scientific and technological innovation of fiber laser cutting machine equipment, choosing professional fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer can improve the development of professional laser cutting manufacturing industry. In cutting metal materials, because the laser wavelength can be absorbed by these materials, so when cutting other materials, the laser wavelength can be absorbed when using metal materials, the cutting parameters of different materials should be selected.

For different cutting materials, the use of professional fiber laser cutting machine will get better results. When the laser beam is used as the processing method, the cutting edge will be slightly oxidized, which can be used for high-pressure cutting of different thickness plates. In this case, the special laser device of steel fiber laser cutting machine is used to smear oil on the surface of the workpiece during the processing, so that the cutting effect is better. Its needed for laser beam when cutting stainless steel. In the case that edge oxidation is not important, its no needed for further treatment, and better effect can be obtained without reducing the processing quality.

According to the type of alloy and laser capacity, it has high reflectivity and thermal conductivity. When cutting with laser beam, the cutting surface is rough and hard, and cutting with nitrogen will make the cutting surface smooth. When cutting synthetic materials with fiber laser cutting machine, please pay attention to the danger of cutting and the harmful substances that may be discharged. The machinable synthetic materials include metal, plastic, etc. now there are many laser cutting devices, and other types of fiber laser cutting machine equipment.

For example, CO2 fiber laser cutting machine and precision fiber laser cutting machine, the use of laser is not only different, but also has great differences in the use, different materials have different characteristics, different types of laser absorption degree is also different, some materials absorb the band of laser, when using optical fiber laser cutting machine cutting, in order to better processing, we must determine the cutting characteristics and characteristics requirement.

Precautions in using fiber laser cutting machine

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