The Importance Of Laser Machine Maintenance

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The Importance Of Laser Machine Maintenance

Jul. 31, 2021

The Importance Of Laser Machine Maintenance

If you wear safety glasses often, as we do here, you will know that they will get dirty very quickly. Although some people seem to be happy to walk in the fog, most of us prefer to keep our glasses clean. When we can see better things, we can do better, at least this is our idea.

The same is true for laser cutting machines. The laser reaches the workpiece through an optical window. If the window is not clean, the light will not be able to pass through and the beam quality will be affected. In order to prevent this from happening, we have done maintenance of the laser machine. Optics is the most critical part of the machine, but good maintenance is more than just cleaning windows. Here is how we protect the laser cutting machine.

Learn about laser cutting machines

"Laser" is an abbreviation of "stimulated emission light amplification". Light is produced in a unit called a "resonator". This requires cooling to ensure reliable and stable operation, so the machine has a cooling system.

The light is irradiated to the cutting point through a special mirror and optical device. They concentrate energy to a very small point, greatly increasing the energy per unit area. To improve performance, we add auxiliary gas around the beam. This increases the cutting temperature, blows away the molten material, and improves the edge quality.

There is also a motion control system for moving the sheet under the laser head. It has a ball screw and transmission, just like other machine tools.

laser machine

laser machine

The importance of laser machine maintenance

As most of us have known for a long time, if you do not maintain it regularly, you will fall apart. If this happens, delivery will be delayed and people will lose their temper. We avoid these problems by ensuring that every piece of equipment-including laser cutting machines-gets regular attention.

Another benefit of looking after the machine is that it has a longer lifespan. The new laser cutting machine is very expensive, so we are determined to maximize our lifespan.

Lack of maintenance also affects productivity and quality. Okay, a laser machine in good condition cuts well Faster, cleaner, and more precise. This means we get more work with each machine, less cleaning and welding preparation.

Maintain our laser cutting machine

There are some basic principles that apply to every machine, not just laser cutting machines. These include:

Visual inspection. Look for signs of wear, leakage or deterioration. Wipers on bellows and chutes and wipers on ball screws are a good example.

Lubricating. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to top up and replace the liquid.

Filter replacement. Air filter and oil filter.

Clean. This helps keep the machine in good condition.

The laser cutting machine also has some special characteristics. all these are:

Clean the optics. Laser cutting will produce smoke, which will block the windows and reduce the quality of the beam. Optical equipment needs to be cleaned carefully, as this is essential to avoid scratches.

Beam quality test. Laser manufacturers achieve this through beam profilers. For a store like ours, an easier way is to do a regular test cut — some people call it a burn profile — and compare today's beam cutting with the way the machine first started. This is a simple and intuitive way to observe whether the beam has changed.

Chiller maintenance. The water needs to be replaced regularly, and microbial chemicals must be added. In addition, the cooling coil needs to be cleaned to keep it working effectively.

Auxiliary gas check. The gas must be clean and dry. Shop air is a popular auxiliary gas, so it is important to check that the filter and moisture collector are working properly.

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