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What factors affect the machining accuracy of metal laser cutting machine?

Apr. 06, 2021

Compared with the traditional processing technology, the machining precision of metal laser cutting machine is higher, the section effect is better, and its not necessary to do the secondary processing. This is also the reason why many enterprises choose metal laser cutting machine. However, many enterprises have found that the cutting precision of laser cutting equipment is not ideal sometimes, which affects the subsequent processing process. So what factors affect the machining accuracy?

1. Processing material

When laser cutting machine is used to process metal, the cutting precision of different materials is different. Even if the same material is different in composition, the cutting accuracy will vary. Therefore, the workpiece material also has a certain influence on the laser cutting accuracy. Generally, the smoother the material, the higher the precision.

Therefore, when processing different materials, we can make samples in advance, then set up parameters which is most suitable for such materials.

2. The shape of laser beam

The beam from the laser of metal laser cutting machine is tapered, so the slit is also tapered. The shape of laser beam is also a key factor affecting the cutting precision. The smaller the spot after laser beam gathering, the smaller the slit, the higher the processing accuracy.

Under the condition of the conical laser beam, the larger the thickness of the workpiece, the lower the precision, so the larger the slit is. Therefore, when processing different thickness of metal, the best effect can be obtained by choosing the right laser power.

3. Accuracy of the table

When the metal laser cutting machine is processed, the working table vibrates with the vibration of the laser head. The higher the precision of cutting will be when the high precision table is equipped with stable linear guide rail and servo motor. If the table is uneven or for other reasons, it will also affect the machining accuracy.

4. Auxiliary gas and nozzle

In the process of metal laser cutting machine, the auxiliary gas and nozzle play a role of cleaning and controlling cutting speed. The uneven pressure and temperature in the air flow will cause the change of the density of the airflow field, thus the energy of the beam will be focused, and the refocusing or beam divergence will be caused, which will affect the precision of metal cutting.

What factors affect the machining accuracy of metal laser cutting machine

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