• 1000w Laser Cutter
  • 1000w Laser Cutter
  • 1000w Laser Cutter

CX-P Series 1000w-4000w Laser Cutter

This laser power can be customized to a 1000w Laser Cutter. Our high-speed, high-quality intelligent technology and professional approach make the processed products more professional and practical.


Laser Cutter Details

4000w Laser Cutter

Laser Cutter Advantages

This 1000w Laser Cutter adopts a square tube welded bed and Taiwan 25/30 high-precision guide rail, which has good flexibility, high precision, and good stability. Raytools laser head auto-focusing, using professional drive motor, high-power water -cooling cooling method.

Features of 1000w Laser Cutter

1. Top quality of optical course: smaller laser point, high efficiency as well as good quality.

2. quick reducing rate: reducing rate is 2-3 times faster than the very same power CARBON DIOXIDE laser cutting equipment.

3. steady procedure: making use of the world's top imported fiber laser, steady performance, key components up to 100,000 hours.

4. high photoelectric conversion performance: fiber laser reducing maker photoelectric conversion effectiveness is three times that of CARBON DIOXIDE laser cutting device.

5. Affordable: save energy as well as protect the setting. The photoelectric conversion rate depends on 25-30%. Low power consumption, just concerning 20%-30% of the traditional CO2 laser cutting maker.

6. Reduced upkeep: fiber-optic line transmission without reflective lens, conserving upkeep expenses.

7. Simple operation: fiber-optic line transmission, no need to adjust the optical path.

Laser Cutter has User-friendly design

1. Closed single-platform design.

2. Higher safety factor.

3. Avoid eyes looking directly at the laser.

Safety and environmental protection

1. Adopt European standard laser protective glass.

2. Better tightness can be connected to air purification system Better guarantee the working environment of employees.

This Laser Cutter detailed Specification table

Model CX-P Series laser cutting machine parameter
Machine Type CX-3015P CX-4020P
Laser power 1000W-4000W(Optional)
Work area(mm) 3000mm ×1500mm 4000mm ×2000mm
Driving System Servo Motor
Control System Cyprus system
Square Rail Taiwan 25/30
Rack(mm) YYC 1.25
Laser Head Raytools
Cooling System Water Chiller
Maximum acceleration 1.2G
Maximum moving speed 120m/min
Positioning accuracy 0.03mm
Repeated positioning accuracy 0.02mm
Auxiliary Gas Oxygen, Nitrogen

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Laser Cutter Application materials

1000w Laser Cutter Generally made use of for cutting carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel plate, pickled plate, lightweight aluminum zinc plate, copper, and a variety of metal products, etc.

Laser Cutter Applicable Industry

1000w Laser Cutter is Sheet metal processing production, aviation, aerospace, electronic devices, electric home appliances, train components, autos, equipment, precision components, metallurgical devices, elevators, present crafts, designs, advertising and marketing, steel foreign trade processing, hardware Processing, yard iron, lighting design, shipbuilding, hefty sector are especially favorites of various other production and handling markets.

Samples made by Laser Cutter

1000w Laser Cutter Sample

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