SuperStar CX-1325 Advertising Engraving Machine

CX-1325 Advertising Engraving Machine is a kind of wood cutting and engraving machine mainly used for wood cutting and engraving. The high-speed rotation of the spindle drives the milling cutter to engrave the material. The NC studio can be equipped with a computer for real-time screen operation.




Simple operation, high efficiency, beautiful appearance

As a unique professional technology, CNC wood router has the following characteristics in application:

1. Use high precision and high speed spindle motor

2. Combination of artistic surface modeling method and geometric surface modeling method

3. Combination of precise drawing mechanism and artistic drawing mechanism

4. High-speed engraving technology and process for small tools

5. The aluminum work surface is connected to the work surface through a pipe. There are T-shaped clamps on the surface of the engraving machine, so that the material and the table are closely attached and clamped firmly. Efficient and fast, suitable for carving wood carvings and panel furniture.

6. WEIHONG Control system has stronger anti-interference performance and passed CE test.Support break point and power down function.


X, Y axis stroke 1300x2500mm
Travel speed 15m/min
Engraving instructionsG generation *.u00*.mmg*.plt
Power (without spindle)1500W
Working voltage220V 50Hz
Spindle power3.5KW
Spindle speed0-24000rpm/min
Operating systemWEIHONG
Drive motorStepper
Box Small cabinet

Applicable Industry

Billboard industry: large-word cutting, sign making, LED/neon trough, hole-shaped literal cutting, blister light box mold making, etc.

Woodworking industry: hollowing, grate, relief and other processing of MDF, MDF, etc.


SuperStar CX-1325 Advertising Engraving Machine

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