• Five Axis Stone Bridge Cutting Machine CXSC-3020
  • Five Axis Stone Bridge Cutting Machine CXSC-3020

Five Axis Stone Bridge Cutting Machine CXSC-3020

Stone bridge cutting machine is a high-tech, fully automatic computer-controlled engraving equipment that can engrave calligraphy and painting on natural stone, glass, and ceramics. It can meet the requirements of personalized home decoration and tooling art design, and can be used as advanced engraving processing equipment for decoration companies, handicraft industry, stone industry


Product Description



This fully automatic five-axis infrared bridge cutting machine, multi-language conversion, table top processing can be done by one machine, X-Y-Z-A-B five-axis linkage, a wider range of applications, can realize cutting, chamfering, edging, grooving, drilling, circular arc Other special-shaped processing, simple operation and strong practicability.

The machine head can swing at any angle and can cut the plate at any angle and shape: horizontal cutting, longitudinal cutting, arc cutting, elliptical cutting, and round cutting. The machine can also be used for bump edging.

In addition to the cutting shape, it can also cut the large plate with 45° chamfering, opening the basin hole, stove hole, and diagonal cutting

The platform can be turned by 85°, which is convenient for loading and unloading.

No complicated operations, just input data on the control system

Equipped with a grinding wheel device, which can polish the table hole and cutting surface.


Processing size3000*2000mm
Saw blade diameter350mm
Cutting thickness50mm
Control SystemSuperstar stone development control system
Platform flap angle0-85°
Head rotation angle0-360°
Tilt angle of nose0 °or 45°
Cutting motor7.5kw/11kw
transfer methodX-Y-A axis gear drive, Z axis screw drive
Drive wayEura 1.3kw servo motor and diver+2.2kw
ProgrammaticallyManual/Graphic import
Body weight3500KGS
RailsTAIWAN linear square rails 30
Total power20kw

Applicable Industry

Granite, marble, artificial stone, slab and other types of stone.It is suitable for numerical control processing and production of table basin, cabinet table, bathroom table, bar, kitchen table, washing table, marble background wall, dining table, tea table, windowsill, door pocket and other industries.



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