• Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machine CX-1330

Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machine CX-1330

This foam engraving machine is a high-tech, fully automatic computer-controlled engraving equipment that can engrave foam and wood. The foam router machine can engraves all kinds of large nonmetallic molds, especially automotive foam molds. Musical instrument industry: Engrave 3D large instruments and shaping.


Product Description



1. The hot wire foam cutting machine adopts independent gantry design, gantry can cut benzene board materials in batches. Processing accuracy industry first! All mounting surfaces are machined precisely to ensure accurate operation.

2. Cutting software CAXA and AUTOCAD drawings with full Chinese operation can be cut without scanning, coding and programming. It also has on-line simulation function. It is very convenient to use and easy to learn.

3. The transmission system adopts Taiwan-made ball screw and straight-line square rail, with precise transmission without clearance and low noise. It differs from other companies that generally use chains, belts or ordinary fine threaded screw rods. Its service life and precision are vastly different.

4. The overall design adopts the structure of large-scale NC machine tools, and the whole bed adopts the finishing milling of large-scale five-sided milling processing center to maximize the verticality and horizontality of the equipment.

5. All the tables are made of 20mm thick high density polyester board, which is milled by the processing center again to ensure the maximum level of the tables, and marked with positioning line and center line, with minimal details.

6. All the control lines adopt flexible shielded cables, high wear resistance, flame retardant, super flexible and bending resistance.

7. The control host adopts a brand-new professional industrial computer or DSP handle.


Working Sizex Axis 1300mm; y Axis 3000mm
Working Table SizeW1300mm*L3000mm
Table Structure20mm Composite Polyester Board
Transmissionx-Axis Rack And y-Axis Screw
Working Speed500-800mm/Min
Max Speed5000mm/Min
Cutting Accuracy±0.5mm
Operation ModeHigh Speed Stepping Motor
Bed StructureWelding Bed Of Thick Square Pipe,Overall Stress-Relief Vibration Failure
Operating SystemMach 3
Drive GuidewaySquare Rail 20
Number Of Hanging WireSingle Wire (Up To 10 Wires)

Applicable Industry

Polyvinyl chloride foam (EPS), polypropylene plastic foam material (EPP), XPS Extrusion board

Mainly for the industry: Foundry industry, advertising industry, film and television props, packaging industry, EPS construction lines, and other industry-specific equipment.



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