Superstar CX-465D Wood Furniture Edge Banding Machine

The wood furniture edge banding machine is a unique machine design, designed for linear edge banding of woodworking furniture such as solid wood panels, fiberboards, particleboards and other plate workpieces. It has high precision and fast speed. The finishing device is used to repair the excess edge banding material on the upper and lower parts of the edge band of the processed sheet.




1. Adopt imported motor and high quality electrical component.

2. High precision and work efficiency.

3. Automatic and precise gluing procedure as well as integrated double finish.

4. Glue evenly, conveying stability


Feeding speed18-22m/min
Edge Thickness0.4-3mm
Panel Thickness10-60mm
Panel LengthMin.120
Panel WidthMin.60
Work pressure0.6Mps

Applicable Industry

Edge banding machine in woodworking is used in banding edge of desks, carbinet, wardrobe and stright line furniture.Edge banding machine is used to cover the exposed sides of materials such as plywood, particle board or MDF, giving the appearance of a solid (or more valuable) material. Can also be used instead of features such as face frames or molding.


Superstar CX-465D Wood Furniture Edge Banding Machine

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